Scott Rodvold, 58, is one of hundreds of Bay Area residents living out of a vehicle.
After a medical trauma in 2016 that left his bank accounts drained, he and his son had no choice but to move out of their rental apartment in Mountain View, California.
So Rodvold bought an RV and they have been living in it since. He parks it across the street from his old apartment.
With the steady increase of vehicle residents, Mountain View city officials have felt a growing pressure from local homeowners to consider restricting overnight parking. Neighboring cities, like Palo Alto, Los Altos and Menlo Park, have already implemented such measures.
On March 19, the City Council agreed to ban oversized vehicles from the streets of Mountain View. The ban will be enforced in late 2020. The city will work to find a safe parking lot for these trailers to park in once the ban is enforced.
If no parking is found, these Mountain View residents will have to leave.

The photo story was published in the Mountain View Voice.
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